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    Default Custom graphics on dialogs, etc.


    I tried searching, but perhaps I was just using the wrong terms, so I'm just going to ask. I'm really not sure what to call this.

    I want to know if it's possible to create custom menus/dialogs/etc within my program, but have the graphics entirely configurable and look how I want.

    Right now, when I override paint() or paintComponent(), it only paints the inside of the container. I want to be able to configure the borders, "x" button, etc. Think of any big-name game you've played recently. The menu isn't a windows box with an OK button. It's look and feel is consistent with the rest of the program.

    I have a rather complicated system I've been developing in place of this... and it works, but I'm starting to think that maybe someone has thought of this and there's a much easier way.

    Any thoughts?

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    Create your own "look and feel" Google for "java custom look and feel".

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