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    Default display object corresponding to JComboBox selection

    Hello I am trying to make a program where there is an array of strings which is filled with text from a jtextfield and put into a combobox. There is also an array of objects which is filled with items from a jlist. When you pick a string from the jcombobox, I want it so that the corresponding objects are displayed in three labels below the combobox.

    Here is my code for the action events

    Java Code:
    /* This is what my string and object arrays are declared as at the top of my source code
    private Object[]  data= new Object[100];
    private String[] person = new String[100];
    public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent event ) {
      if ( event.getSource()== b2 ) deck, "c1" );
      else if ( event.getSource()== b3 ) deck, "c2" );
      else if ( event.getSource()== b4 ) deck, "c3" );
            else if ( event.getSource()== b1)
                    person[custIndex] = t1.getText();
                    Object data[] = table.getSelectedValues(); 
      public void itemStateChanged( ItemEvent event) {
        if (event.getStateChange()== ItemEvent.SELECTED ){
                     for (ct= 0; ct<data.length; ct++){
    names is my JComboBox, and adding the person string array to the combobox is working fine when I click b1, but my ItemEvent listener does not set the label to the corresponding item in the object array data. I am using only one label just to test if it works, but it seems that my object array has no value when it is called in itemlistener. I have added the itemlistener to my combobox. My JList is table.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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    my ItemEvent listener does not set the label to the corresponding item in the object array data

    In itemStateChanged() why do you set the text of l1 100 times?

    Try adding a several System.out.,println() statements so that you can trace:

    * when itemStateChanged() is called
    * when setText() gets called
    * what the value of name's selected index and its value is when setText is called

    Beyond that you might make things a little clearer by constructing a SSCCE: ie something without deck or the other components which others can compile and run to see the problem. Also the variable names could be better chosen to aid clarity.

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