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    Default Java Project Help

    I'm not exactly sure if this is the correct place to post this bt anyway.:)

    OK. I'm still at school and take I.T as a subject, We code in java and I was given a project to create a java programme it can be anything from a simple game(hangman) to a recording system for a hardware shop.

    There are no boundries. It cant be too complex but I dont want it to be too simple(It must atleast have more than on class tho:)or you know what i mean;).)

    Using GUI's is encouraged even tho we only Learning them next year.:)

    Does anybody have any Ideas for me or any sites on the web where i could get some ideas from.


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    Here are two ideas:

    1. You can check software download sites (, ...) see what kind of applications are there and develop a simplified version of them or develop sth that is inspired from them.

    2. Check for open source projects. Find a project just like above and develop a simplified version from scratch.

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    k cool thanks will try those

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    If you want to develop GUIs I would recommend you to use an IDE like Netbeans. You don't have to know a whole lot of stuff regarding GUI developing when you use something like Netbeans.
    All the best with the project.


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