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Thread: While Loop

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    Default While Loop

    I am tryng to write a program that will calculate:
    interest, and monthly payment.

    The program should output the number of months it wold take to repay the loan. I've got dialog boxes to input the values, but they are not in the while loop. (??) More confused.

    Principle is 1000
    Monthly payment is $25
    interest rate per month is 7.2/12=.6%

    My program is in a loop
    My mind is in aloop. I have thoroughly confused myself.
    Please help. Please turn me around. :confused:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;  
    public class MonthlyPmts {
    public static void main(String[] args){
    	/* Declaring the variables that will be used in the problem */
    		String loanAmt;
    		String intPerYr;
    		String monthlyPmt;
    		double interest;
    		double principal = 1000;
    		double intRateMon = .06;
    		double monPay = 25;		
    	while (principal <= 1000)
    	/* Perform the calculations  */ 	
    interest = (principal * intRateMon);
    monPmt = (principal - interest - monPay); 
    	/* Input Dialog boxes                           */
    		loanAmt = JOptionPane.showInputDialog
    					 ("Enter the loan amount: ");	
    		intPerYr = JOptionPane.showInputDialog
    					 ("Enter the interest rate per year: ");
    		monthlyPmt = JOptionPane.showInputDialog
    					 ("Enter the monthly payment: ");

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    Your program never gets as far as the dialog boxes. It hits the while loop and gets stuck because principal never goes above 1000.

    Even if it did get out of the loop, the variables loanAmt, intPerYr and monthlyPmt aren't used anywhere.

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    Default While Loop

    Thanks for responding. How do I incorporate my dialog boxes in the loop w/my calculation routine?

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