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    Smile Insert applet into html without .class?

    I am writing code in Netbeans. I have some japplets and some other .java files that help support those japplets.

    When i right click on a JApplet and choose 'Run File', everything works good. Now what I want to do is place that same JApplet into an HTML file in my Dreamweaver project. The only way I know how to do this is with an Applet tag where you need to specify the applets .class file.

    I can not find this .class file anywhere in Netbeans. How do I find it?


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    It depends, of course, on how you have set things up. But I see NB compiled classes in
    Java Code:
    My Documents\NetBeansProjects\JavaApplication3\build\classes

    In terms of making the applet part of a web page, you can either copy lots of .class (and maybe other) files or you can create a jar file containing the applet class files and their resources. After building I see the generated jar file in

    Java Code:
    My Documents\NetBeansProjects\JavaApplication3\dist

    You might want to familiarise yourself with the Applets section of Oracle's Tutorial for details on deployment. Although Dreamweaver will doubtless "help" with that, it is good to know what is going on.

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