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    Default Comments on my FPS solution

    Hey there,

    I've come up with a rather simple FPS solution and I'd like some feedback. I have a separate thread for moving objects, fading them, etc. The main component simply redraws constantly, with all of this other stuff handled in my effects thread.

    This isn't the exact code, but you'll get the idea. (I'm posting from work and it's at home.)

    Java Code:
    long fpsTimer=System.getCurrentMillis(); //initialized early on
    int fpsCounter=0;
    int fpsDelay=(int) (1000 / CONSTANT.desiredFPS);
    if (System.getCurrentMillis()-fpsTime >= 1000) {
            if (fpsCounter>CONSTANT.desiredFPS*1.10) { fpsDelay++; }
            if (fpsCounter<CONSTANT.desiredFPS*0.9) { fpsDelay--; }
    The only problem I have is that even on my quad-core supershitz whatever PC, the framerate still fluctuates a decent amount, which I find odd. Right now I have only a single box being custom drawn and moved on the screen. My desired FPS is 60, but I'll see it drop to 54 or go up to 60-some. I find that odd considering how simple the program is and the fact I don't have any intensive tasks running. This results in animation that 'jumps' a bit on the fluctuations.

    I know it's not amazing, but it's relatively simple and seems to work, mostly. One thing I just thought about is that I need to tell the screen to only redraw 1/60 seconds, instead of constantly, as there's no need because the items themselves haven't updated yet...

    Any feedback would be great!

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    On MS Windows machines the sleep method only has a resolution of 1/18 seconds or so; that would explain the fluctuating fps rate ...

    kind regards,

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