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    Hi everyone
    I'm studying java at university and even if i don't like much this language i want to understand how it works so i started making few tries...
    the prolem came qhen i decided to create a little package of my own.7i wrote my 2 classes (scan and print) and i copied them into my classpath in subfolders like this: $CLASSPATH/shd/io/*.class

    well I thought it would be enough but it seems it is not...

    initially everything worked but lately i realized that was because in the same path of the classes that used that package ther were a copy of my scan.class and print.class. when i removed them from my java folder (so the compiler now doesn't find them in the ./ path) every time i compile i have this error:

    javac recognises the class but says it's somehow not valid...

    can anyone tell me what to do to fix it?

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