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    Default do while (variable != type)

    Having a problem here. I wanted to make the segment of code repeat until a basic condition was met, type. As you can see below, I try just that, however, it won't let me create a condition based on type. Why? How do I get around this? I checked a couple resources on this and all I could find were examples based on a basic counter system.

    Here's the code:

    Java Code:
    			String settingAccountNumber =
    			JOptionPane.showInputDialog( null, "Please enter your account number: "); // Get input
    		int i = Integer.parseInt( settingAccountNumber  ); // Translate string to "int"
    		} while ( i != int);

    Basically, I'm trying to follow along with a project inside the book by creating a basic functioning ATM machine. The section that talks about while and do while doesn't say anything about basing them off type. I assumed either it was an advanced lesson or it didn't exist.

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    You would probably use a try/catch block here and catch the NumberFormatException for this to work well. Lots of examples of this on this forum and elsewhere.

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    Hey thanks for pointing me where I needed, found official docs to look at. Cheers!

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