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    Default Reading part of file with BufferedReader


    I'm trying to write a function that grabs a certain part of a file, sends that to another function, then continue to do the same thing from where the BufferedReader left off until the end of the file but can't seem to figure out how to make it work.

    Here is what I have:

    Java Code:
    String str = "";
    int count = 0; 
    	try {
    		while(read through the entire file...){
    			while ((count <  4)){	
    				str +=;
    			DoSomething(str) // send str to another function and do something with it;
    		} catch (IOException e) {
    			// TODO Auto-generated catch block
    Can someone help me with this and explain what I'm doing wrong? Much would be appreciated
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    1st. atleast try to solve your problem (you know exactly what I mean)

    2nd. maybe this Random Access Files (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes > Basic I/O)

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    Quote Originally Posted by al_Marshy_1981 View Post
    Huh? How does this relate to anything the OP was asking?

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