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    Question im starting a project soon but want some tips/help

    hi all, i am taking a java class this semester and its time for a final project

    my final project is to make a gui that is sort of a search engine for shakespeare plays
    maybe 5-10 plays(ie hamlet, romeo&juliet, macbeth etc) total i think, not sure about that

    so the gui will ask the user for a word/phrase

    when the user hit search, the program will find all the occurrences of the word/phrase in the selected plays

    so the output of this would be a gui that displays the word/phrase and where the phrase occurs along with the play name, line, act, and scene

    im thinking this will take about 1k+ lines of coding...

    i am familiar with making GUIs but i am clueless about how to search through a txt file to fine the word/phrase

    can someone give me some sites or short tutorials for something like that???

    ive googled n im not finding what im looking for...
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    File (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)
    Lesson: Basic I/O (The Java™ Tutorials > Essential Classes)

    Basically, once you have your keyword, you want to loop through every line in the file and see if it contains the keyword (using String methods like indexOf() or contains()).

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