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    Default read japanese word from resourse bundle

    i had a property file in that there is a japanes word i want to read that by resourcebundle key value
    how can i do that
    public class Testencoding {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws UnsupportedEncodingException, IOException {
    Locale currentLocale = Locale.JAPANESE;
    ResourceBundle myResources =
    ResourceBundle.getBundle( "xxxx",currentLocale );
    JButton okButton = new JButton( myResources.getString( "OkButtonLabel" ));
    JLabel hoursLabel = new JLabel( myResources.getString( "hours" ));
    System.out.println( okButton.getText() ); // e.g. Eh?
    System.out.println( hoursLabel.getText() ); // e.g. HH

    but its shows some symbols its not as the value stored in the eclipse character encoding property page

    please help me

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    If your ResourceBundle is stored in a file it is a PropertiesResourceBundle which basically is the file representation of a Properties object. A Properties object is quite an old class; read what it has to say about its character encoding:

    Quote Originally Posted by API documentation
    The load(Reader) / store(Writer, String) methods load and store properties from and to a character based stream in a simple line-oriented format specified below. The load(InputStream) / store(OutputStream, String) methods work the same way as the load(Reader)/store(Writer, String) pair, except the input/output stream is encoded in ISO 8859-1 character encoding. Characters that cannot be directly represented in this encoding can be written using Unicode escapes ; only a single 'u' character is allowed in an escape sequence. The native2ascii tool can be used to convert property files to and from other character encodings.
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