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    Post Quick Help!!

    help with this HW!!!!!


    In the BankProgram class you will have a constructor containing two BankAccount objects,
    one initialized to CheckingAccount and one initialized to SavingsAccount. In BankProgram
    you will also have a method called printAccountInfo(BankAccount account), which prints
    the information for the account specified as an argument, something like

    "You can use the following code to print the account amount with two decimal places:
    System.out.format("%.2f%n", account.getAccountBalance());
    When the program starts, it should first call printAccountInfo() on each BankAccount
    object, then present a menu of options, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4, and wait for input. Describe
    each option when you list them, for example: “(1) Deposit money into checking account”.

    I try!!! :(

    public class BankProgram
    public BankProgram()
    BankAccount checking = new CheckingAccount();
    BankAccount savings = new SavingAccount();

    System.out.println("1,2,3,4,waiting for input");
    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
    String response= scanner.nextInt();

    if(response == 1){
    System.out.println("(1) Deposit Money into Checking account");
    if(response == 2){
    System.out.println("(2) Deposit Money into Saving account");
    if(response == 3){
    System.out.println("(3) Withdraw Money from Checking account");
    if(response == 4){
    System.out.println("(4) Withdraw Money from Saving account");

    public void printAccountInfo(BankAccount account)
    System.out.print(account.getAccountNumber + ": ");
    System.out.println("%2f%n", account.getAccountBalance());

    public static void main(string[] args)
    BankProgram app = new BankProgram();

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    What's the issue you're having? What have you tried to resolve this *particular* issue? What should be happening VS what IS happening? Are you receiving error messages? (If so, which ones, and what lines are they on?)

    Help us help you.

    PS: Please wrap code in [code][/code] tags. ;)

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