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    Default Writing classes???

    Hey guys doing hw , wondering if this code completes the first step of this multi part problem ..Heres the first part
    22. (20 points) Deck of cards that use another class Card.
    (a) Create a class called Card that represents a standard playing card. Each card has a suit and a face value.

    And here's the code (Thanks for the response in advance:):))

    Java Code:
    public class Card{
    String suit;
    int faceValue;
    public Card (String s,int fV) {
    suit = s;
    faceValue = fV;
    public String toString(){
    return ("Suit:" + suit + " " + "Face Value:" + faceValue);

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    Comments and criticism:

    1. Learn how code should be formatted: Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language: Contents
    2. Instance fields should be private.
    3. Would you allow a program to change the suit or faceValue of a Card after it has been constructed? If not, the instance fields should be final.
    4. Later when you learn about documentation, you will come to know how the parameters to constructors and methods are documented. At this stage of your learning, suffice to say that giving meaningful identifiers (names) to parameters is at least, if not more, important than it is for fields and method-local variables, and more so when the types/classes) of the parameters are common types like String and int. Single or two letter parameter identifiers are common and acceptable where the type implies the usage e.g. catch (Exception e) or actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae).
    5. Your toString() doesn't cater to card values that aren't usually expressed as an int: Ace, Jack, Queen, King.


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