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    Default problem with htttpSession with multiple browsers at a time

    hi to all,

    I am facing with a problem with session attributes and using two browsers for same application at a time. I explain my problem step wise

    senario 1:[browser1]

    I am logging into my application from login page from a browserwith for eample userid = 100872
    and some password .If he is a valid user I am putting all user related variables into session attributes including userid.I did some operations with my application and it is working fine and i am inserting some data into database hwne it is required against to userId from seesion. For example i opened a saveData.jsp

    Now my problem came into picture in second situation

    senarion 2:[browser2]

    Now I opened same url in another browser and logged with another useid say 100001 and some password.Same thing happens as exaplained in case one puutng all variables into session.

    I went to browser1 and as i explained I already opened saveData.jsp .If I submit the saveData.jsp form in browser1, it is inserting all data against to 100001 which was not correct . actually it will isert data agaiinst to 100872 .

    How to over come above problem.I thing the problem is because when i open new browser it creates same session and it overides the previoyse values with new values.Because saveData.jsp in browser1 is static page which i was opened in senario1 ,when submit clicked it isert data into database with new session values

    Is there any to over come this problem. I mean each browser sholud work independently.

    I hope you understand my english any way soory for my english.

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    You can't.
    Those browsers (assuming they are the same browser, that is both are IE or both are Firefox) are using the same cookies and session ids, and so the same session, on the server.

    You could send login details back and forth in the URL, but that's just not secure.

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