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    Default How to use arrays and loops?

    HI, I want to know how one can write a program so that it can identify the integer value in an array and act accordingly.

    1. int [] a;
    2. int index;
    3. int dice, position, score = 0;
    4. char y = 1, n = 0;
    5. System.out.println( "Please input the array of the game board: " );
    6. a = ITI1120.readIntLine();

    7. for (int index=0;;index++)
    8. dice = generator.nextInt(6);
    9. System.out.println("The number of steps was "+ dice);
    10. System.out.println("You moved in position "+ position +" and you gain "+ dice + " points");
    11. System.out.println("Do you want to move again? (y/n)");
    12. char again = ITI1120.readChar();
    13. System.out.println("Your final score is "+ score);

    line 8 is a dice generator (1-6)
    line 6 means Array of integers is user inputed

    Outline: example array ={1,2,3,4,0,5,6}
    Dice rolls,
    number of steps are taken respectively,
    points acheived depending on which element user lands on
    (ie. roll=3, steps=3, points=4 (total pt=4)),
    ask for another shot (wanna roll again (y/n) (y) ),
    repeat (roll 2, steps=2, point=0).

    Since user landed on 0, System.out.println "GameOver",
    Otherwise the points add on until user selects (n)

    The main issue I struggle with is the looping back of the points so that they add on.
    And the how to identify y and n (boolean? or Char? or String?)

    Thanks for any help in advance

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    DOnt mind the little errors here and there...I'm aware of them.

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