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    Default Read BMP File...

    Hi all...I am a student and have to do a work in Java, and i'm kind off stuck :confused:

    Hi need to read a binary file (in this case a BMP file) and later tell some things about the file and let the user flip and re-size the image! But first I need help to read the file :S

    I now that a BMP File follows this structure:

    Class Bitmap{
    BitmapFileHeader bitmapFileHeader;
    BitmapInfoHeader bitmapInfoHeader;
    byte[] rgbQuad; // color pallete opcional (ver abaixo)
    byte[] data; // pixel data

    Class BitmapFileHeader {
    short type; // must be 'BM' to declare a bmp-file
    int size; // specifies the size of the file in bytes
    short reserved1; // must always be set to zero
    short reserved2; // must always be set to zero
    int offBits; // specifies the offset from the
    // beginning of the file to the bitmap data

    Class BitmapInfoHeader{
    int size; // the size of this header (40 bytes)
    int width; // the bitmap width in pixels
    int height; // the bitmap height in pixels
    short planes; // the number of color planes being used. Must be set to 1
    short bitCount; // the number of bits per pixel (color depth) - 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32
    int compression; // the compression method being used
    int sizeImage; // the image size. This is the size of the raw bitmap data
    int xPelsPerMeter; // the horizontal resolution of the image (pixel per meter)
    int yPelsPerMeter; // the vertical resolution of the image (pixel per meter)
    int clrUsed; // the number of colors in the color palette,
    // or 0 to default to 2n
    int clrImportant; // the number of important colors used,
    // or 0 when every color is important
    The teacher told that it was just read the file because after we now the structure the rest is easy -.-

    I did the classes and started to read from the file...But when I get to read the byte[] data; something wrong appear...The compiler tells me that OffBits() is null -.-

    I even now that I have to:
    short bitCount = Short.reverseBytes(in.readShort());
    int size = Integer.reverseBytes(in.readInt());

    (Least Significant Byte first).
    (Most Significant Byte first).

    Here it goes part of my code:
    public boolean addPicture(String local) throws IOException{
    File fileOrigin = new File(local);
    FileInputStream i = new FileInputStream(fileOrigin);
    DataInputStream in = new DataInputStream(i);

    BitmapFileHeader parte1=new BitmapFileHeader();
    parte1.setType(Short.reverseBytes(in.readShort())) ;
    parte1.setSize(Integer.reverseBytes(in.readInt())) ;
    parte1.setReserved1(Short.reverseBytes(in.readShor t()));
    parte1.setReserved2(Short.reverseBytes(in.readShor t()));
    parte1.setOffBits(Short.reverseBytes(in.readShort( )));


    BitmapInfoHeader parte2=new BitmapInfoHeader();
    parte2.setSize(Integer.reverseBytes(in.readInt())) ;
    parte2.setWidth(Integer.reverseBytes(in.readInt()) );
    parte2.setHeight(Integer.reverseBytes(in.readInt() ));
    parte2.setPlanes(Short.reverseBytes(in.readShort() ));
    parte2.setBitCount(Short.reverseBytes(in.readShort ()));
    parte2.setCompression(Integer.reverseBytes( Int()));
    parte2.setSizeImage(Integer.reverseBytes(in.readIn t()));
    parte2.setxPelsPerMeter(Integer.reverseBytes( adInt()));
    parte2.setyPelsPerMeter(Integer.reverseBytes( adInt()));
    parte2.setClrUsed(Integer.reverseBytes(in.readInt( )));

    parte2.setClrImportant(Integer.reverseBytes(in.rea dInt()));

    //int x;
    //while((x = != -1){
    //System.out.println("byte = "+x);
    System.out.println(parte1.getType());,Integer.reverseBytes(parte1.getOffBit s()),1);

    // }catch(java.lang.NullPointerException e){
    // System.out.println("NILLLLLLL");
    // }
    }catch(Exception e){
    System.out.println("Error = "+e);

    return true;

    Hope that someone helps me :(

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    Why not leave the actual reading of the .bmp file to the ImageIO class? Read the API documentation.

    kind regards,


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    Because its suppose to read the file this way -.-

    Aim is to develop an application that allows to decode and process the
    content of an image file in BMP format (uncompressed). The application
    must meet the following requirements:
    a) Receive the location of a BMP file, open it and print all information
    on that file, ie number of rows, columns, number of colors, etc..
    b) allowing the extraction of pixel data "and save to a file." raw ". Try to visualize
    this file with appropriate image viewer (Irfanview, Photoshop, etc.)
    c) allow the reduction of the size of the image to . For example, an image with
    with 512x512 pixels would then be 256x256. The end result should be saved
    a new BMP file.
    d) Allow the image to reverse (flip) vertically or horizontally. The end result should
    be stored in a new BMP file.

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