We recently ported our application from jboss-4.2.1 to jboss-5.0.After the porting the our application log file stopped rolling over I always overwrites TestServer.log but never creates TestServer.log.1

I debugged the Apache Log4j and found that Log4j is actually trying to rename the TestServer.log to TestServer.log.1 but the file is not created in the folder. Once more thing that I observed was we have log4j-1.2.8.jar included in our WEB-INF\lib folder, when I remove it from our application the log file is rolling over properly. But I need to place the log4j-1.2.8.jar in our application as we have various deployment mode without application server.

We never had this issue in jboss-4.2.1, Please help me resolve this issue

10:56:16,912 INFO [STDOUT] log4j: Renaming file TestServer.log to TestServer.log.1
10:56:16,912 INFO [STDOUT] log4j: setFile called: TestServer.log, true
10:56:16,912 INFO [STDOUT] log4j: setFile ended
10:56:17,287 INFO [STDOUT] log4j: rolling over count=9857418
10:56:17,287 INFO [STDOUT] log4j: maxBackupIndex=9