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    Default Trying to store a decimal between 0&1 after dividing by 100

    Hi, I'm not totally new to Java, been playing for a while but I've hit an embarassing brick wall. The answer to this must be simple but I just can't get it!!!

    Basically I'm playing with making a little text based game. Each enemy has an amount of damage it can do, and I'm trying to make it relate to it's health.

    ie a damage of 10 and 100 health returns 10
    but a damage of 10 and 50 health returns 5.

    I've tried to divide the health by 100 to get a decimal value then multiply by the damage to lower it sufficiently but for some reason Java stores a value of 0 when I do the divide by 100. Here's some code i quickly tested to check I wasn't going mad (the real game has loads of methods that would need explaining to get the values):

    System.out.println(groups.jake.getHealth()); //correctly outputs value 50
    double healthTest = groups.jake.getHealth()/100; //should store 0.5
    System.out.println(healthTest); //outputs 0.0 instead of 0.5

    What's going on?

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    Integer arithmetic. Either have getHealth() return double, use a denominator that is a double literal or cast either the numerator or denominator to double to indicate to the compiler that floating point arithmetic is to be done.
    Java Code:
    double healthTest = groups.jake.getHealth()/100.0;


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    Haha how simple, just make the 100 a double, probably would've stumbled across that thought pattern sooner or later - I can feel the egg running down my face!

    Thanks, sure I'll be posting more soon

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