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Thread: I/O exercise

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    Default I/O exercise

    hi there,
    Could you help me with this exercise?
    Write the static method copyFile(String fromFile,String toFile)
    that copys the content of fromFIle to toFile.The fromFIle and toFile are
    data of characters.The description of File,FileReader,FileWriter.Reader,
    Writer is given.

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    Where exactly do you have problems?
    Becuase this exercise seems very "straight-away", you both files one for writing, one for reading then you copy all charackters in a file to another.

    You open files by:
    Java Code:
    FileReader fr = new FileReader(new File(file1));
    FileWriter fw = new FileWriter(new File(file2));
    file1 and file2 are String paths to your files.
    I HATE SMURFS!!!!!

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