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    Default Help with embed problem with applets

    Here is the pastebin:

    I created a java applet and when I test it out inside netbeans, everything works perfectly fine. The problem is when I try to embed it into html, the applet does not load. I have embedded applets into html before and it works just fine, I know the html code for applets. What is weird is because there is this auto-generated html file (generated by netbeans) that should let me preview my app already embedded in a html file, but even that doesn't work, so I guess there is nothing wrong with how I embed the file, there seems to be something wrong with the applet itself that somehow doesn't let it load in web browsers. Some mistakes I made in swing perhaps? The swing gui code is mostly generated by netbeans, not done by me. I somehow suspect the JTextFieldLimit class that I added so that only numbers may be inputed in the text fields. Anyone have any idea? Please help, I have been at this for hours already. Thanks in advance!

    edit: I attempted to remove the JTextFieldLimit class and it's still not loading when embedded in a html file
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