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    Default checking a palindrome sentance

    Hi got a method to check if a string is a palindrome but not including spaces or punctuation for example:

    "a,s dfdsa"

    would be a palindrome. What I'm confused with is there a decent way in java to get rid of these spaces/punctuation? or is there something else that needs to be done?

    The code I got so far would only work on something like "asdfdsa". (A string with no spaces or punctuation.
    Heres my current code:

    int strLeft = 0;
    int strRight = str.length() -1;

    while (strLeft < strRight) {
    if (str.charAt(strLeft) != str.charAt(strRight)) {
    return false;

    return true;

    Thanks in advance

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    replace all spaces or punctuations in the string in your first/second line.
    e.g. with regex -> str = str.replaceAll("\\W|_", "");
    that will replace all non-word characters (all those not matching [a-zA-Z or 0-9])

    other tip: your palindrom test fails if you have upper case letters mixed with lower case letters in your you like that? if not, you could use e.g. Character.toLowerCase(str.charAt(strLeft)) != ....

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    Thanks I forgot to consider the lower/uppercase would cause a problem. Got the method to work now, thanks for the help.

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