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    Default (Help) Hashtable for adjacency list

    hey people,
    i have a little problem about implementing a Hashtable in my project.
    i want to store nodes and the edges between them in the hashtable.

    Java Code:
    Map<City, List<City>> adj= new HashMap<City, List<City>>();
    // add a connection from -> to
    public boolean add(City from, City to) {
       List<City> tos= adj.get(from);
       if (tos == null) // from is not in the map
          return false;
       tos.add(to); // add a new to 
       return true;
    // add a single airport
    public boolean add(City airport) {
       List<City> tos= adj.get(airport);
       if (tos != null) // already in the list
          return false;
       tos= new ArrayList<City>();
       adj.put(airport, tos); // add airport and a new empty adj. list
       return true;
    the example of "Josah" is really close but my problem occurs when i want to know the predecessors or successors of selected nodes(Cities in this case).
    for example i want to implement my edges like this;
    p and s are Cities and im adding and edge from p city to s city

    so for the methods of "addpredecessor" and "addsuccesors" , how can i use the hashtable and should i use 2 different lists for 2 different methods ?
    in that case, how its possible to connect a node (City) to 2 different lists(predecessors, successors) in Hastable? so i can call the selected Cities predecessors or successors any time from one Hashtable.
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