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    Default Does Hashmap or Nested Loop use more memory?

    hi, i want to know if a hashmap or a for loop with another nested for loop use more memory?

    in my case, i have a for loop that iterates 10 times and stores entries into the hashmap if appropriate, with key type String and value type Integer, and the number of entries could be somewhere from 3 to 6...

    so does this use more memory compared to a for loop that iterates about 10 times with a nested for loop that also iterates at worst 10 times..

    also, i know the hashmap is faster in this case but does it use more memory?

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    Run a stress test using your code that initiates dozens of hashmaps and watch your computer's memory. Then do the same with the for loops. Or you can print out the memory values with Java's built-in memory functions.

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    First off is it really becessary to worry about this at this stage?
    I would argue not.

    Do you need to store the stuff in a Map? If so then store it in a Map.
    To me this sounds like a classic case of over analysing something, something which is unlikely to be a performance bottleneck.

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