Again...I am new to Java. Below I created a method drawCircle and it works! I am new to return statements. I have no problems sending integers into methods via the return but for some reason sending a string is not working.


drawCircle( (centerX - 36), (centerY - 36), 43, 43, "GREEN")

this sends the information properly to the drawCircle method I created below, but when I try to put the String GREEN into the following code it doesn't work.


What am I doing wrong? My full code is below. I hope I have provided enough information. Thank you in advance.

/** draw circle */
drawCircle((centerX - 36),(centerY - 36),43,43, "GREEN");


private GOval drawCircle(double x,
double y,
double width,
double height, String color) {

GOval circle = new GOval(x, y, width, height);

return circle;