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    Default removeMin from Heap

    I've been whiteboarding this out for the past hour, trying to understand how to implement removeMin function on a heap. I read some starter code online to give me an idea~ but am having trouble understanding this:

    1st, I need to check if the heap is empty, if it is, then we can't remove anything an therefore throw an exception to the user.

    2nd, If heap is not empty (heapSize >= 0), then I need to call my siftDown method... but I don't understand what the point of
    this is: data[0] = data[heapSize - 1];

    Java Code:
    public void removeMin() {
                if (isEmpty())
                      throw new HeapException("Heap is empty");
                else {
                      data[0] = data[heapSize - 1];      //what's this do?
                      if (heapSize > 0)
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    assigns data[0] to the value of the uppermost bound of the array, at a guess

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