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    Default Confused as avaj

    Hey guys im new here. im at unviersity studying computer science. now we are learning...not learning just looking at java. which isnt teaching me anything. but they want me to program a little program but im having trouble with some little things.

    here is a piece of code i have

    public setPrice(int setPrice){
    price = setPrice;
    is that wrong?
    and i have this for a different part
    public void setPrice(){
    price = 11;
    they should work shouldnt they?

    also i dont understand what a method name is or type or parameter.

    what is the method name? name of the method parameter? type of the method parameter ane what is the return type of this?

    public void setCars(int carSet)
    cars = carSet;

    isnt is
    1, setCars
    2, carSet
    3, int
    4, cars


    hope to here from you soon. our teacher doesnt really teach us anything

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    A quick search online for "java tutorial" will bring up may websites that will teach the basics of Java.

    Here are a few I found:
    Trail: Learning the Java Language (The Java™ Tutorials)
    Java - Quick Reference Guide
    Learn Java online with Java Beginner Tutorial

    I hope this helps! :)

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    cool i will look into it 2morow, im quite sleepy and its been p***ing me off so :(.
    but yea i will get back to you on those sites

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