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    Question Using UNBUFFERED FileReader.

    I have created my filereader, and am ready to accept input from my external text file. This file has several lines, each of which has 4 distinct sets of 4-6 digit integers separated by spaces. I need to take the first on each line and store it in Array1[], the second number on each line into Array2[], etc. Please post a simple code sample so that I can accurately transfer each number into the appropriate array.
    Example of each line of text:
    123456 789 0123 4567890

    Needs to become
    Array1[0] = 123456
    Array2[0] = 789
    Array3[0] = 0123
    Array4[0] = 4567890

    Total of about 10 lines of text for 4 10-line arrays.

    Th:confused:ank you very much for your help with this! I can't find anyplace online with an example; everyone says to use a buffered reader. I'm not allowed to use a buffered one; it must be UN-buffered. :confused:

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