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    Default Comparing JComboBox with string?

    Hey guys i was wondering if it is possible to compare the text in a JComboBox with a string if so could anyone give me some example code? Much appreciated.

    Cheers Vahshir

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    We're not a code-providing service but rather volunteers who would be happy to help you if you desire, but you have to provide the code. If all you want is the code however, then you may wish to check out rentacoder dot com, and pay them for your program. If you want help, please show us what you've tried to d, and let us know how it's not working -- i.e., what error messages or erroneous output you see.

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    Read the API for JComboBox and follow the link to the tutorial on How to Use Combo Boxes where you will find example code.

    Ask a more specific question if there's anything you don't understand in the tutorial.


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