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    Default Please help..dice java program

    Guys I'm having a little problem with my programming class and I really need to pass this project..Guys I really need your help to pass this subject..Please help me..Thank You so much..

    Write a java program that will show the characteristic of a pair of dice in which the instance variables die1 and die2
    are private. Your class will need methods that can be used to find out the values of die1 and die2.(This idea is to protect their values from being changed from the outside the class, but still to allow the values to be read.)Include other improvements in the class, if you can think any. Test your class with a short program that counts how many times a
    pair of dice is rolled, before the total of the two dice is equal to two.

    tnx guyss..


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    Did you just ask us to do your homework for you???

    What are you up to? Which aspects are you having trouble with?

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    Also posted in the "advanced" forum.

    Also posted at Programmers Heaven.

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    @ OP, here you go, here's a rent-a-coder site: More capable, accountable and affordable. Guaranteed.

    We're volunteers looking to help with issues, not do work for people. If you legitimately want to pass the course, you need to learn a thing or two about Java. It won't be a seamless process, but THAT'S why we're here--to help you when you get stuck, not hold your hand through everything.

    So, like Rectal suggested, get started on your work and when you come across a specific issue (maybe your code is printing out 7 instead of 5 and you don't know why, or maybe you're getting a NullPointerException on line 88 and aren't sure what's causing it), post it here in detail and we'll be glad to help you.

    Best of luck in your course.

    PS: OP, sorry to not sugarcoat this, but I'm really not sure that you are cut out for programming if you're going to post in THREE places for people to do your homework for you...

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