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    Then you'd need to know what the packets actually contain. It's quite possible they are broken up, with the first byte meaning something, the second couple meaning something else, then the next couple being used to say how long the message is, then the rest being the message with a stop byte at the end.

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    Just a follow up post really.

    Thanks for everyones help. I did finally get it working :)

    I used:
    //tempPacket = the variable used to hold the raw data straight off the NIC
    //packetString = the byte array used to hold the converted "data" from tempPacket
    //payload = the data as a string - final var for this stage.
    Packet tempPacket = captor.getPacket();
    if (tempPacket != null) {
    byte[] packetString =;
    String payload = new String(packetString);

    That prints out every packet is the exact format I was expecting. I then used my IF statement to only produce packets with MSG in them - All MSN message packets have this and some a few more unique characteristics.

    Thanks again

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