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    Default Sell me on Eclipse (why is it better than Netbeans IYO)

    I have read around, and obviously Eclipse vs Netbeans is a personal preference.

    I just started with Java, and so far used Netbeans, and liked it. But before I become too entrenched in one IDE -- I want to get an idea of what I am missing on the other side.

    From what I read, the main thing everyone raves about is the plugins. But I also read a lot of the eclipse plugins are being ported to netbeans anyway.

    In general though -- I find people just state their preference without much detail.

    Mainly just wondering what people who like eclipse specifically like about it. What is the killer feature/plugin for eclipse that you cant find in netbeans?

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    I've used both (I use Eclipse for Android development, however little I do of it; and I use NetBeans for everything else). I just find that NetBeans is a warmer environment; by that I mean the tools are more user-friendly. Basically it comes down to an open-source vs Sun debate

    I actually had a friendly debate with a few others on this forum here. Hope that helps you a little. ;)

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    I say: use what ever suits you. Myself I use mainly Eclipse, and mainly out of habit. I've used NetBeans when looking into NetBeans-related questions in this forum, but prefer Eclipse for no other reason than I just like it better. But having said that, NetBeans is fine, and for both, the price is right. But Zack is right -- let's keep this discussion in the huge thread that was built for it. So let me close this thread and ask you to redirect your discussion to Zack's link.

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