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    Default error in the Command Prompt when running a bat file

    I am getting an error when I am trying to run a bat file can anyone tell me what to d to correct this

    Error occurs during initialization of VM
    java/lang/ClassNotFoundException: error in opening jar file c:\jre\lib\rt.jar
    I have read that I may need to reinstall the jre and when I do it tells me there ia a copy already on the computer. now when i install do i need to have Xp windows VM running and how do I uninstall the corrupted jre

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    On XP you add and remove programs from the Control Panel by selecting ... "Add or Remove Programs".

    But before you reinstall the jre you should make sure there really is something wrong with it. You haven't posted the contents of the .bat or the (complete) console message so it's really a bit hard to know at this distance whether a reinstallation is justified.

    Begin by writing a small "hello world" type app and launch that from a batch file and see what happens.

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