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    Default Positioning println codes to corners

    I'm new to java and i'm trying to allign my text to a specific corner

    My text shows:

    import acm.program.*;

    public class assgn1_1 extends ConsoleProgram {

    public void run() {
    println("Mac is the best");

    and when i compile it in cmd it show's up in the top left corner.
    How would i go about moving "Mac is the best" so that when i compile and run it, it's in the right corner?

    Thanks as i am completely new to JAVA

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    Add some space to the front?

    Really, println is only a simple stream output. It, in itself, does not format anything. If you want a specially formatted output then you need to format it before giving it to println (although with printf you can do the formatting and printing at the same time, the principle is still the same).

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    The way to position a String on the console is by printing spaces in front of it to move it to the right.

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