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    Default Hide Application

    Hi All

    I want to hide Running application.
    Java Code:
    public final class Test extends UiApplication 
     public static final void main(String[] args)
            // Create a new instance of the application and make the currently
            // running thread the application's event dispatch thread.
            new Test().enterEventDispatcher();
     public Test() 
            TestScreen screen = new TestScreen();
            screen.setTitle("Show Screen");
            _output = new RichTextField("1St Step");
    private class TestScreen extends MainScreen
            private TestScreen ()
    public void close()
              // Here I want to Hide Application(Application Will Run in BackGround)
    public void close() is default menu item.Here I want to Hide Application

    Please help me

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    You need to ask wherever you got the UiApplication class, it isn't a part of the standard JDK.


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