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    Default Hashtable search


    I have a Hashtable<String, Double> with little over 1.5 million entires. Hashtable Key is name, and Value is number of occurrences of that name. I'm trying to implement this function.

    Java Code:
    	 * Get k names with the highest weights in the set, where k is a positive integer value.
    	 * If the cardinality of the set is less than k, all elements are returned.
    	 * The entries in the returned array are in decreasing order of weights; the name with the highest weight comes first.
    	 * @param k is positive and specifies how many values shall be returned
    	 * @return an array with at least 0 and at most k entries with names of elements in the set. 
    	public String[] getTopNames(int k) {
    		return topNames;
    I tried all kinds of thing with linear search, but no go. I can easily find max value in Hashtable, but top k values I can't. Is there any algorithm to find top k values? (I need actually the Keys (name) associated with those values).

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    what if you went thru the map of <String,Double>
    for each key, read the value and populate a Map<Double,List<String>>
    (or possibly a TreeMap, so it keeps things sorted for you by number of items)

    So then you have a listing of keys having a given number.

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    Linear search is not a effective way to use in. As travishein suggested to you, TreeMap is much better. Sorted could be handy in future with these kind of workaround.

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