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    Default launching applet via jsp


    On this forum I've found an old thread with following snippet

    <jsp:plugin type="applet"

    <jsp:param name="message" value="Hello, world"/>
    <jsp:param name="action" value="<%=AppletAction%>"/>

    <p> unable to start plugin </p>

    I tried to launch my applet with this code but firefox asks me to install plugin (JRE, but it is installed), Internet Explorer throws exception MyPanel.class classnotfound. What's wrong?

    with regards

    Rafal Ziiolkowski

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    MyPanel.class classnotfound.
    The browser is looking for a file named: MyPanel.class.class
    Try removing the .class from the end of the code= attribute

    If you continue to get errors, please copy and paste here the full content of the browser's java console

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    Thanks for answer. Codebase parameter was lacking. Now in Internet Explorer my applet is running correctly, but Firefox still prompts me to install plugin for "type="application/x-java-applet". Is there another way to dynamically generate page that starts an applet?

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