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    Default KeyBinding key released doesn't work so well -.-

    Hello again :D

    I would need help with keybindings..

    The keybinding works okej, I can get a method running when a key is pressed.
    But when I want keyreleased to trigger a method, it doesnt work..

    I watched oracles webbsite and many other for good examples but their
    examples aren't too explanitory on that area so I search for guidence here :P

    So, heres what I tried to do (first add normal key binding, then keyreleased binding):

    Java Code:
    private static void add(String keyPressA, int key, InputMap inMap,ActionMap actMap) {
            inMap.put(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(key, 0), keyPressA);
            actMap.put(keyPressA, new ActionDone());
            keyPressA = "released "+keyPressA;
            inMap.put(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke("released "+key), keyPressA);
            actMap.put(keyPressA, new ActionReleased());
    Triggerd with the method call:
    Java Code:
    int condition = JComponent.WHEN_IN_FOCUSED_WINDOW;
            InputMap inMap = content.getInputMap(condition);
            ActionMap actMap = content.getActionMap();
    I get keypressed signals, but not keyreleased..
    How am I brutaly failing this time?

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    You're doing it wrong. Look at the KeyStroke class's getKeyStroke method overloads. There's one that takes three parameters, an int, int and a boolean, and that should give you the key to all this. For an example of this, please have a look at this thread:


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