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    Default java run time environment

    I am very new to java.
    I wrote a java code to capture ethernet packets and is working fine on my pc .
    (windows xp ,SE 1.6.. ).I developed the code using eclipse IDE.

    Now when i try to run the jar file created through eclipse IDE on windows 2008
    with a different run time environment ,the code gets executed but the ethernet packets are not captured....on the socket...does it have something to do with the run time environment and java version?

    I would really appreciate if someone can help..

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    i'm not sure if the packet capture tool you are using is the kind that works and looks for implementations dynamically at run time, where by the code would appear to run but fail silently if there was a required dependent jar file that was supposed to be on the class path but is missing when running out of eclipse. e.g. are you sure you have all of the 3rd party jar files and their dependency jar files in your path. ?

    A good example of this is the Java Media Framework (JMF). The Java player part seems to appear to work from user programs, but internally it depends on some codec implementation jar, which if is not there, the file cannot be decoded and no audio is output. several fists thru walls later finding the missing jar file it works.

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    Default Windows firewall was the problem

    Thank you for the reply.Windows firewall was blocking the packets from reaching the java.It works now.

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