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    Default BitCount() Issue

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the purpose of BitCount. I thought that it would return the number of bits needed to represent the current value held in a variable. Is this correct?

    I'm trying to write a simulator but certain registers can't be over 24 bits or 48 bits. Hm, well, closest I have to that are Integers and Longs.

    Here's the function checking:

    Java Code:
    	public void SetValue(long val){
    		System.out.println(" bitCount: " + Long.bitCount(val));
    		if(Long.bitCount(val) > bitNum){
    			System.out.println("Too many bits! bitCount: " + Long.bitCount(val) + " > " + bitNum);
    			value = val;
    And here's my output:
    Java Code:
    //In the test program I set the initial value to 3. The max number of bits
    //is also 3, for testing simplicity.
    bitCount: 2
    Reg Value: 3
    Input really big number: 
    bitCount: 3
    Reg Value: 25
    Nevermind--I found my answer elsewhere.
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    So that, it's better to post your solution over here. It may helpful for others as well. And also if you've solve the problem then please mark the thread solved.

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