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    Question How to format the print statement

    i have to print the powers of 2 from 0-7 in a pyramid. i have the right amount of rows and the right numbers in the rows but i do not know how to format it to make a pyramid shape

    here is what i have so far:

    public class numberPyrimid {

    //main method.
    public static void main(String[] args) {

    //create variable
    int pwr;
    int nmbr;
    String output;

    //create loops for rows and length of rows

    //length of rows
    for(int i = 1; i<=15;i+=2){
    output = "";
    //figure power for row
    pwr = i/2;

    //amount of rows
    for(int x = 0; x<=pwr;x++){

    //make math. return int
    nmbr = (int) Math.pow(2, x);

    //print for ramp up
    //System.out.printf(nmbr+" ");

    output = output+Integer.toString(nmbr)+" ";

    //loop for ramp down
    for(int x = (pwr-1); x >= 0 ; x--){

    //make math. return int
    nmbr= (int)Math.pow(2, x);

    //print for ramp down
    //System.out.print(nmbr+" ");

    output = output+Integer.toString(nmbr)+" ";


    //print out
    System.out.printf(" "+output);
    //print next line




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    how to format it to make a pyramid shape
    Print leading spaces, with fewer on each line.

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