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    Default array table and paint?

    hi all,im currently a electronic engineer student and i have totaly no knowledge about java. Due to the final year project, i need a java program which can assist to get more marks. But then i have no direction at all, hope any pros can point me the direction at least i could know something to google about. =)

    1) i wish to draw a circle table which look exactly like the attached picture. But donno which function allow me to draw such custom shape table. <-- this is the important part

    2) i can draw myself like a paint too(a few main colors) on the table.

    *** (alternative) i wish to upload some picture too

    3) after the process 2,it then calculatate backend and get the position of the pixel according to the table i drew. and get some data like R = 0000001, G = 00000010 B = 00000011 and so on...Thus,i can get every row data by this binary number.

    Please give a direction to google about =),the core part wil be the circle table just exactly like the attached picture.
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    Cross post at java pixel grabber project - CodeGuru Forums

    which function allow me to draw
    The Graphics class has methods for drawing shapes.

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