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    Default RSS Feed help..

    Create a web application using any technology to display 5 latest blog titles from Webyog blog RSS feed - Webyog. Your application should update the list of blogs asynchronously at every user-specified interval of time. Use Google AJAX Feed API.

    Guys I need to make this project but I don't understand few things about it. Hope you people can help me.

    If I am correct the project is to import the RSS feeds to my web application at user-specified time intervals!!

    Now, How do I import the RSS feed???????????
    And what does this statment means "Use Google AJAX Feed API."? How can I use this API in java?

    All I need is suggestions on what the project is exactly & how can I complete it within the time frame of 2-3 days.

    Please help.:confused:
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    I am not much aware of this, but let me give a try .In general google ajax API is front end javascript code which you can generate in Google AJAX Feed API - Dynamic Feed Control Wizard and put it in your html page, after changing the feed url to Webyog. I guess there is no much work in back end code except identifying the logic to maintain the refresh rate .:)

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    You could use the URLConnection class and just parse the HTML code
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