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    Default Object Orientation?

    Hi all,

    The concept of Object Orientation is not clear to me. Can anyone please elaborate it to me. Though it is a very basic question in the OOPS concept, but still i need some easy descriptions in terms of programming.

    and how is it different from Object Based Programming languages?

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    What you have here is a classic square-rectangle relationship. All Object-Oriented languages are Object-Based, but not all Object-Based are Object-Oriented.

    Basically, the idea of an OOP language is that is can create and maintain objects of class types with data and methods specific to an object.

    An OBP is a stripped-down version of this, where there are usually limited features (many don't feature inheritance or subtypes, as an example).

    I know for assignments in school and such, people discourage Wikipedia, but you may find it helpful in this case as it has articles on both:
    Object-oriented programming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Object-based language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Structured programming was the big thing in the seventies; we structured what had to be done by a program. Object oriented programming is the big thing now; we don't just specify what needs to be done by a program but we also specify who (or which object) has to do it. As loop structures, functions etc. helped us in structured programming, objects, classes and the whole shebang helps us in object oriented programming.

    kind regards,


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