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    Default Question with bubbleSort()

    My question is where do I call the bubbleSort() to sort an array of country objects by country name. I tried it in Main but got errors.

    This is where I made the bubbleSort()
    Java Code:
    public class Sort
        Country[] myCountries = new Country[43];
        public void bubbleSort()
            int out, in;
            for (out=myCountries.length - 1; out>1; out--)
                for (in=0; in<out; in++)
                    if( myCountries[in].getCountryName().compareTo(myCountries[in+1].getCountryName())<0 )
                        swap (in, in+1);
        }//end bubbleSort()
        private void swap(int one, int two)
            Country temp = myCountries[one];
            myCountries[one] = myCountries[two];
            myCountries[two] = temp;
        }//end swap()
    }//end Sort
    And this is my Main class
    Java Code:
    public class Main
         * @param args the command line arguments
        public static void main(String[] args) throws
            FileInputStream fis1 = new FileInputStream("AsiaCountries.Fall2010.txt");
            BufferedReader br1 = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(fis1));
            String inline;
            int totalReg1Counter = 0, totalReg2Counter = 0, totalReg3Counter = 0;
            int totalReg4Counter = 0, index = 0;
            Country[] myCountries;
            myCountries = new Country[43];
            while ((inline = br1.readLine()) != null)
                myCountries[index] = new Country(inline);
            } // end while
            for(int count=0; count < index; count++)
            }//end for
        }//end main()
    }//end Main
    This is my Country class
    Java Code:
    public class Country 
        private String countryName, countryCapital, countryRegion, countryAbbrev;
        private int countryRegionNum;
        public static int countryObjCounter;
        public Country(String countryInput)
            countryName = countryInput.substring(0,17).trim();
            countryCapital = countryInput.substring(21,40).trim();
            countryRegion = countryInput.substring(44,55).trim();
            countryRegionNum = Integer.parseInt(countryInput.substring(63,65).trim());
            countryAbbrev = countryInput.substring(66,68).trim();
        }//end parseData Constructor()
        public String getCountryName()
            return countryName;
        }//end getCountryName()
        public String getCountryCapital()
            return countryCapital;
        }//end getCountryCapital()
        public String getCountryRegion()
            return countryRegion;
        }//end getCountryRegion()
        public int getCountryRegionNum()
            return countryRegionNum;
        }//end getCountryRegionNum()
        public String getCountryAbbrev()
            return countryAbbrev;
        }//end getCountryAbbrev()
        public String toString()
            return String.format("%-23s %-30s %-24s  %-16d %-4s\n",
            countryName, countryCapital,countryRegion, countryRegionNum,
        }//end toString()
    }//end Country
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