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    i am doing the project based on detecting denial of service.
    i am developing this project under jsp.
    can anybody share idea about this project..
    how to detect and prevent that attacks..

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    From what I can understand after reading the Wikipedia article on DoS attacks, this seems slightly higher level than "New to Java".

    Some DoS attacks are too complex for today's firewalls, e.g. if there is an attack on port 80 (web service), firewalls cannot prevent that attack because they cannot distinguish good traffic from DoS attack traffic.
    Anyhow, good luck with it, I have no ideas whatsoever on how to do this in java :)
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    The only decipherable way I can think of doing it is to detect how many packets are incoming and determine whether or not there is an attack going on.

    But Cemi is quite right; there is no real way to determine good from bad. As an example, when Michael Jackson passed away last summer, Google suspected that, with the amount of "Michael Jackson" queries passed to the search engine, they were under a DoS attack.

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