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    Cool Difference b/w "synchronized","synchronize",and "synchronized()"

    could anyone tell me the difference b/w "synchronized","synchronize",and "synchronized()" and where these could be applied?

    Also pls tell me about synchronize block and synchronize method. It's bit confusing to me:confused:.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You use synchronized in multi-threaded programming. To put it simply, only one thread at a time is allowed "into" the synchronized block. So for example, we can create a counter object shared among multiple threads as follows:

    Java Code:
    public class Counter {
      private int count = 0;
      public void increment() {
        synchronized (this) {
      public int getCount() {
        synchronized (this) {
          return count;
    A synchronized method looks as follows:

    Java Code:
    public synchronized void increment() {
    Making the method synchronized is essentially the same as saying "imagine that the entire code inside this method is written inside a synchronized block".

    I stole this example from some more detailed information I wrote about the Java synchronized keyword, but you'll find a lot about the topic on line.

    When should you use a sychronized block? Essentially, when you have code that reads or writes data that is shared among multiple threads (and if you haven't put some other protection in place -- there are actually other methods to make data threadsafe).

    Note that there are a few disadvantages of declaring the method synchronized which more advanced programmers will want to consider.

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