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    Default Roundind up numbers using Math.ceil

    I'm writing a simple program for my Java fundamentals class and I was instructed to round up the results using the Math.ceil () method but I have not been able to successfully incorporate it into my code. Tips?

    // Program helps student determine how many pizza and soda should
    // be purchased for student activities.

    import java.util.Scanner;

    public class PizzaSoda
    public static void main(String[] args)
    int People;
    double Hours;
    double Pizza = .4;
    double Soda = .25;
    double Result, Value;

    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;

    System.out.print("Enter the number of people expected to attend this activity: ");
    People = keyboard.nextInt();

    System.out.print("Enter the duration of the activity in hours: ");
    Hours = keyboard.nextDouble();

    System.out.println((Pizza * People) + " whole pizzas will be needed.");
    System.out.println((Soda * People * Hours) / 2 + " 2-liter bottles of soda will be needed.");


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