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    Default Class exercise CS106A (Stanford university)

    Hi all,
    I am doing this exercise of chapter 6 of the book "Art and science of Java" by Eric Robert.I do not understand what this question is asking me to do.If I can understand the question I guess i can handle answer.Here's the question:

    Implement a new class called Card that includes the following entries:
    Named constants for the four suits (CLUBS, DIAMONDS, HEARTS, SPADES) and the
    four ranks that are traditionally represented in words (ACE, JACK, QUEEN, KING).
    The values of the rank constants should be 1, 11, 12, and 13, respectively.
    A constructor that takes a rank and a suit and returns a Card with those values.
    Accessor methods getRank and getSuit to retrieve the rank and suit components
    of a card.
    An implementation of the toString method that returns the complete name of the
    card as in exercise 1. Remember that you can use the + operator to connect the
    different parts of the string together, as shown in the toString implementation
    for the Rational class in Figure 6-9.

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    Here's the question:
    Funny, normally questions end with a question mark. I don't see any in your post.
    It looks like the statement of requirements for an assignment.

    Can you go through your assignment line by line and ask specific questions about what you don't understand?

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    i would go enum for rank and suit, check it out. here is a little dirty secret programmers are expected to find out all sorts of information that they never knew before, yeah it is true, you actually have to find things out for yourself.I dont mean to be hard but you know start as you mean to continue.

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