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    Default converting byte array to bmp file

    i am trying to generate texture models.

    i have so far created a 2x2 integer array of the texture with the values representing height or darkness.

    i want to convert this array into a bmp file so that its easier to appreciate.

    i have converted the array to a byte[][] array and m trying to write it to a bmp file

    i used The .bmp file format to guide me about the details of the format. and tried to write all the headers etc by myself. however the file i manage to create is unreadable by windows. is there an easier way to achieve it?

    public static void convImg(int[][] arr,int n) throws IOException{

    //String filePath = "D://fract//cloud1.bmp";
    String filePath = "cloud1.bmp";
    System.out.println("going in to create file");
    //File f;
    //f= new File(filePath);
    System.out.println("file created");
    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(filePath);
    System.out.println("output stream created");
    //file header
    fos.write("BM".getBytes()); //to specify that the file is a bitmap file
    fos.write(1352); // specifies the size of the file
    fos.write(0); // should be zero by default in bmp format
    fos.write(1078); // mentions the offset of the start of data from file beginning
    //file info header
    fos.write(40); // size of the info header
    fos.write(n); //width of image in pixels
    fos.write(n); //height of image in pixels
    byte tt; //writing the number of planes
    tt=(byte)0; //of target device
    fos.write(tt); //should be
    fos.write(tt); // set to zero
    fos.write((short)0); // number of planes in target device generally set to zero
    fos.write((short)8); // number of bits used per pixel
    fos.write(0); // type of compression, zero means no compression
    fos.write(0); //-|
    fos.write(0); // |
    fos.write(0); // |--> some other values that need to be set to zero
    fos.write(0); // |
    fos.write(0); //-|

    byte[][] bb = new byte[n][n];// converting int array to byte array
    bb= toByteArr(arr,n);
    int i,j;
    for(i=0;i<n;i++){ // writing bitmap data to file


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    Create a BufferedImage of the right size and type; get a Graphics object from it; draw on the BufferedImage using this Graphics object and finally save the BufferedImage as a .bmp file using the ImageIO class.

    kind regards,


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    You should copy the file format into your code so anyone can compare what your code does with the format. Jumping back and forth from one page to another to verify that your output is correctly formatted will require someone with more patience than I have.
    Make it easy for someone to help and you'll get more help.

    Also use code tags vs quote tags around your code

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