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    Quote Originally Posted by al_Marshy_1981 View Post
    C:\"userinput.class filepath here" java userinput 34 35
    notice the two arguments after userinput?

    You have:
    "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0\bin>java userinput
    there are no arguments passed to args here, compare with above
    You mean we can't have any option to run it from any IDE like i am using netbeans and Geany 'cause we run it from a key directly in which there comes no option to pass the command line arguments.

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    Well, you can pass arguments with Netbeans, but that's under the Run setup (somewhere).

    You could put in a check to see if there are any args (which has been suggested I htink) and if there aren't any then go the Scanner route. That is "if (args.length == 0) the Scanner stuff... else use args".

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    You can pass arguments with Eclipse too, google around im lazy :) but you can I have done it before about a year or so ago. So IDE is not your problem

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